Tuesday, 24 October 2017

8 Points To Prove That Tamarind Global Is The Best Travel Company of India

Are you planning for a lavish vacation with your family and are on a lookout for the best luxury travel companies in India who can precisely cater to all your requirements? Tamarind Global, one of India’s most leading travel companies, offers an assortment of travel services to travelers across the world.
Be it is your requirement for a lavishing customized vacation package or a budget-friendly local travel, Tamarind Global gives you the best options to enjoy your break. With its indissoluble commitment towards quality, all-inclusive affordable packages, prompt and transparent travel management solutions along with a customer-centric approach, Tamarind Global has positioned itself as a most trusted travel partner of holidaymakers across the world.

Salient Features of Tamarind Global’s Travel Services
·         Over the years, Tamarind Global has been the source of happiness among travelers looking for customized, well-planned and affordable vacation packages.
·         With its excellence in luxury travel management, Tamarind Global has ranked itself among the leading luxury travelcompanies in India.
·         Provide all-inclusive travel packages to explore destinations in India, London, Europe, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, etc.
·         Meet the requirements of travellers with customized and bespoke travel packages.
·         Be it is a luxury travel, a conventional holiday or a weekend trip, with Tamarind Global you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.
·         Covering a global network of hotels, international airlines, various transportation modes and travel managers, Tamarind Global delivers the best services to its clients.
·         The sole aim of Tamarind Global is to understand the client’s requirements and to provide services in accordance with them.
·         What makes the company outshine in the market is its unbeatable range of vacation packages, with a price-tag which other travel companies simply cannot manage.
Tamarind Global always believes that providing the best quality travel service to voyagers is the key to mark a strong footprint in the market. Following this principle, the company has been catering to the requirements of travellers with utmost precision.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Brighten-Up Your Love Life With Romantic Weekend Packages From Tamarind Global

Imagine yourself walking hand-in-hand with your partner on a mystical beach of Kerala or enjoying an adventurous boat ride in the bluish rivers of Andaman! Aren’t they stimulating and breathtaking? Well, with Tamarind Global, you can enjoy all such dreamy moments with your partner!

An Overview About Tamarind Global

Tamarind Global is one of India’s best destination management companies. Right from the execution and management of corporate events to providing wedding services, holiday packages to romantic getaways in India along with offering comprehensive travel solutions for weekend trips to Delhi, Hyderabad or Mumbai, Tamarind Global has everything covered for their clients.

World-class management, in-detailed services and affordable packages with the customized options, Tamarind Global always aims at addressing the varied needs of travellers. Be it is your requirement for a week-long trip to romantic destinations in India or a quick escape to weekend getaway from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or other metro-cities of India, Tamarind Global’s all-inclusive travel and holiday packages include a varied range of solutions for the holidaymakers.

Reasons To Opt For Tamarind Global’s Vacation Packages

1. Be it a social, romantic or a corporate event, the holiday packages of Tamarind Global include everything that a holidaymaker need during his/her journey.
2. Right from budget to services; transportation and accommodation; pick up and drop, the vacation packages of Tamarind Global are all-embracing.

3. The demands of every traveller vary and so does the offerings of Tamarind Global. With the provision of customization, Tamarind Global enables its clients to enjoy personalized and enjoyable trips with services that they want.

4. With the option of adding more extravagance within a specific budget, travellers can live the best moments of their life with Tamarind Global’s travel solutions and packages.

If you are tired of the hectic lifestyle and want a quick escape this weekend or want to spend some quality time with your loved one, Tamarind Global offers the best vacation packages to various romantic getaways in India, only for you!

With Tamarind Global, Experience Hoards of Excellent Itineraries Crafted Just For You!

Are you planning to take a break from the beaten tracks of life, wanting to fly away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Instead of surfing the internet for best destination packages, search for best luxury travel companies that provide bespoke holiday packages to match all your requirements? Well, to address all your searches and needs or to satisfy all your travel-related fantasies, you can rely on Tamarind Global – one of India’s best luxury travel companies.

What makes Tamarind Global outshine in the market?

Dreaming about a fun-filled and fabulous vacation is quite easy, but things can get tougher when you have to make arrangements. The travel professionals and strategists at Tamarind Global carefully select the best and perfect travel destinations along with additional luxury and comfort so that the travellers can enjoy the best moments of his/her life during their vacation.

The requirements and the travel-related dreams of voyagers vary from person to person. Tamarind Global does not devise fixed packages, rather, it always presents an array of customized holiday packages, which allow their clients to enjoy personalized features like budget, destination, and services in accordance with their specific requests.

Being the most trusted and passionate travel specialist of India, Tamarind Global always aims at serving well-tailored luxury trips and solutions to some of the best destinations in foreign countries. Each of the packages and tours, planned by Tamarind Global, are completely based on the comfort and the agenda of the travellers. These packages are intended to offer one-of-a-kind travel experiences that are exciting, adventurous and relaxing, similar to what you have always wished for.

Bottom Line

From tight-budget local trips to highly expensive luxury travels; from a honeymoon trip to corporate travel or leisure travel, Tamarind Global offers all kinds of vacation services, packages, and solutions to passionate travellers in India. Whether you want to enjoy weekend getaways within India or go for a profligate overseas trip, Tamarind Global has the precise solution.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Give Your Marriage a New Feel & Theme With Full-Fledged Destination Wedding Packages From Tamarind Global

Gone are the days when people used to conceptualize their wedding in restricted, local region, surrounded by known faces and conventional decorations only. These days, more and more people are opting for the concept of destination wedding. Like million others, if you are also planning to exchange vows, far from the locality, customs, and traditions, and searching for the best destination wedding locations in India and abroad, Tamarind Global can help you out!

What Makes Tamarind Global’s Destination Wedding Packages Special?

The destination wedding packages offered by Tamarind Global are fully customized to meet the requirements of the bride, groom, and their family.

Backed up by more than 300 highly experienced wedding planners, its decades-long experience, dedication for customer satisfaction, and budget-friendly wedding packages, Tamarind Global has established itself as one of the most pioneering and Top Wedding Planners in India.

What makes Tamarind Global outshine in the market is its priorities for the value-for-money and its unyielding commitment towards work at every possible level.

Starting from the conceptualization and visualization of the wedding event to proper planning, and execution, from the management of budget to supervising vendors, catering, and logistics, Tamarind Global’s destination wedding packages all inclusive always ensures everything to be covered under its wedding packages so that couples can enjoy a hassle-free and enjoyable wedding.

Be it a royal palace wedding, marriage event at an exotic beach, forestry marriage ceremony, a beautiful cruise wedding or a wedding ceremony at a fort in India or the best destination wedding locations of India; Tamarind Global has everything encompassed for you.

Bottom Line

Tamarind Global is not just a wedding planner or event management company. It is a complete one-stop shop which always pays utmost attention to what customer are looking for and serves accordingly. Be it a corporate event, a traditional wedding ceremony, a luxury trip to foreign locations or a destination wedding, off the beaten track, Tamarind Global can be your ideal partner. Alongside wedding management, Tamarind Global also takes care of travel, lifestyle events management, and corporate functions.

Get Your Travel Needs Personalised With Tamarind Global’s Customized Travel Packages

“Give Customers Want They Are Looking For” – it is commonly quoted while defining the primary job of businesses, especially for travel agencies. Today’s voyagers are majorly looking for more adventurous and unique experiences, and extra luxury tailored to their requirements and priorities. They not only want to have control over their own itineraries but also want to get more benefits than investment.

So this trend has begotten the exhortation of the modern travel industry: customization and personalization. If you are planning to go on a vacation or luxurious trip and are surfing the internet for best deals and packages with the option of customization, then look no further than Tamarind Global – one of the best travel and event management companies in India.

What’s so special about Tamarind Global?

The customized travel packages from Tamarind Global help travellers to do the things and experience the trip in their own ways. It enables voyagers to take a trip at their own pace with budget they are comfortable with, with the airline of their choice and everything else that they desire.

Tamarind Global’s Customized Vacation Package encompasses all the essential factors and features that every traveler usually looks for while planning a trip including transportation, food, and accommodation. Apart from such basic travel-related features, Tamarind Global’s personalized travel suites also deliver several extra additions to the holidaymakers including extra luxury, more privacy, and more comfort, depending on a budget of the package.

Be it a honeymoon trip, an adventure tour, or even wildlife exploration trip, Tamarind Global’s customized travel packages has everything covered for you. All you need to do is to pick the budget range, additional services, and features that you want to enjoy and experience while traveling.

Bottom Line

As the trend of personalization in the travel industry has constantly been in the limelight since last few years, Tamarind Global is also capitalizing on this prospect while providing a growing range of tailored and customized vacation package to the travellers’. With the aim to make each trip better, more convenient, and differentiated, Tamarind Global has been focusing on delivering custom-made options to every traveller.