Tuesday, 18 July 2017

A Synopsis of Tamarind Global’s Wedding Solutions

Are you planning to take vows with your partner and looking for Top Wedding Planners in India? Do you want your wedding ceremony to stand apart from others and remain memorable for years to come? If so, then look no further than Tamarind Global – one of the best wedding planners in India.
  • The concept of the marriage has taken a big leap from the traditional boundaries. These days, the couples are looking forward to off-the-beaten-track wedding plans. Tamarind Global, being the top wedding planners in India, is capable of meeting all those out-of-the-way ideas and dreams.
  • From conceptualizing big fat traditional Indian weddings to trendy destination weddings, and themed marriages, Tamarind Global has encompassed a broad range of marriage-related services in its offering line-up.
  • Conceptualization, execution, and management are the three pillars of a wedding. The staff at Tamarind Global always pays the highest attention to these three factors. From the moment you contact the executives, till the closing of the event, the personnel of Tamarind Global always make sure you get the most detailed service.
  • With a prosperity of experience and knowledge as well as expertise, in this ever-changing Indian wedding industry, Tamarind Global always offers highly personalized wedding planning and management services with impeccable attention to quality and detail.
  • The staff of Tamarind Global always works in close collaboration with every soon-to-be-wedded couple to ensure that their Wedding Day goes beyond all the dreams they have seen and all the expectations they have expected for their big day.
  • With years of experience in arranging weddings of the varied budgets, Tamarind Global knows about the demands, choices, budget, and preferences of people that change from time to time. Keeping these things in mind, Tamarind Global has ditched the fixed-kind-of service and has introduced the bespoke wedding solutions.
Lastly, with Tamarind Global, you can get an affordable wedding solution, seamless wedding experience, and unforgettable moments, without any compromise with quality. Clients, as per their expectation and budget, can modify the packages; add more services, more decors, and more facilities for their big day. People with a tight budget can also keep things simple, and take benefit of each penny they pay to Tamarind Global.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Heal Your Mind, Body, and Spirit By Visiting The Best Spiritual Retreats Through Tamarind Global

Are you tired of the hectic routine lifestyle and want an exotic break from the beaten tracks of life? Are you searching for the best spiritual retreats in India for healing your mind, body, and soul? If so, Tamarind Global brings you the best travel options for wellness retreats in India. The frenzied lifestyle, we all are living today, will certainly result in an exhausted mind, soul, and body.
To kick out such feelings and to dedicate some quality time and pampering to your own body is what stands for spiritual retreats in India. As believed by Tamarind Global, a wellness vacation doesn’t need to be austere. It needs to be relaxing, soothing, calm, and of course enjoyable. For offering the tired bodies and souls soothing opportunities to spend some relaxing and quality time, Tamarind Global has designed a number of packages for spiritual, wellness and Ayurvedic retreats in India.

  • From the exotic sunny coastlines of India to the blustery riversides to greener wooded areas, Tamarind Global has covered a range of wellness centres and locations that can give calming and peaceful treatment to the shattered mind and soul.
  • The wellness retreat locations, offered by Tamarind Global, are speckled with comforting and comfortable stays bundled with nutritious food, yoga classes, relaxing massages, and a range of western and eastern therapies.
  • The wellness retreats, covered by Tamarind Global include Ananda Resort, CGH Earth Resorts, Carnoustie Ayurveda and Wellness Resort, and Somatheeram Ayurveda. All these wellness centres symbolise the real unification of wisdom, sympathy, the comfort that every tired mind and soul look for.
  •  From offering a holistic approach towards accomplishing the best results in a nurturing atmosphere to Free Ayurveda Consultation, personalised Ayurvedic Treatment Plan, and yoga classes, such spiritual retreat centres provide much more.
At these peaceful retreats, travellers are motivated to stay for few days, far from the beaten tracks of life, connecting with local traditions and cultures and reconnecting with themselves through a variety of therapies like Hydrotherapy, Aromatherapy, body wraps, Reflexology, exfoliation, skin care treatments and much more.

Tamarind Global Helps Adding New Dimensions to Your Corporate Event

If you are looking for a professional corporate event management firm for your upcoming business party or seeking for a firm who can add more RIO to your incentive events here is India’s leading event management company – Tamarind Global, who can help you out in overcoming the various roadblocks of corporate event planning.
  • Arranging a corporate event is not at all an easy task to pull off. It needs time, money, creative ideas, and of course patient. Because of such roadblocks, some corporates find the idea of managing the corporate event as mind-numbing. They avoid arranging corporate parties and prefer to hire professional and experienced corporate event management companies like Tamarind Global for accomplishing the task.
  • Since the last decade, Tamarind Global has been associated with the corporate event planning industry. By delivering exceptional corporate events planning services PAN India, Tamarind Global has set itself apart from the rest in the market.
  • Be it is an RIO-based incentive party or a high-profile official meeting, a creative offsite or an official picnic, an education road show or a training program, Tamarind Global can maximise the potential of your corporate event to add more dimensions to your business.
  • Tamarind Global has accommodated a complete production house that contains all the experience, approaches, and capabilities for conceptualising, producing and managing corporate exhibitions, parties, and events. The in-house staging unit, the creative designing team and the workshop, state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, and highly experienced personnel are the forte of Tamarind Global in providing seamless corporate events globally.
  • The expertise of Tamarind Global lies in creating specific and dedicated business platforms and events. With creative ideas for bringing the brand makers and the brand acceptors under one roof, Tamarind Global ensures that the clients enjoy the most profitable and exceptional events.
With the belief to push the boat of new ideas, and to encourage inventiveness and creativeness, Tamarind Global employs subtle marketing techniques to get the product and business right to the tables of their potential clients.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Tamarind Global: A One-Stop Shop For Corporate Services

Arranging a well-managed, hassle-free and budget-friendly corporate travel is a daunting task. From flight booking, upgrades and hotel bookings to room upgrades and transportation services, corporate travel services are highly. And this is the reason why businesses look for professional corporate travel management companies like Tamarind Global for their requirements
  • Tamarind Global is one of the top leading and best corporate travel services provider(s) globally which aims at providing corporate travelers with best travel ideas and greater savings.
  • Incentives, meetings, conferences, exhibitions, conventions, travel or corporate event – no matter how to want to celebrate your corporate events – Tamarind Global can be your quintessential corporate service partner.
  • Working as a focused travel and destination Management Company since decades, Tamarind Global has proved itself as a pioneering force and an international leader in both industries of leisure, corporate travel and event management.
  • What makes Tamarind Global’s team stand apart from the rest in the market is their precise anticipation of the evolving market needs, right understanding about clients’ requirements and acting upon the ever-changing demands of customers and travelers.
  • At Tamarind Global, the team always focuses on serving both corporate and leisure travelers with the excellence, state-of-the-art technologies, and perfection in work and processes.
  • With an enthusiastic emphasis on the value of customer support and satisfaction, Tamarind Global always strives to deliver travelers the services and packages that they always looked for.
  • With the offerings of customization, Tamarind Global makes it easier for corporate travelers for paying less and enjoying more.
  • The all-inclusive packages of Tamarind Global include every bit of services required for making a trip hassle free, comfortable, enjoyable, and business-centric including transportation, accommodation, local visit, food, and ancillary services.


Be it is an educational road show or creative offsite, picnic, interactive sessions, team building, DJ parties, live bands, training programs, conference or high-profile business meeting, Tamarind Global has covered a wide range of corporate solutions and services for its clients. In simple term, Tamarind Global is the one-stop-shop for all types of corporate needs.

3 Points That Prove Tamarind Global As The Best Wedding Planner

Many engaged couples, planning their marriage ceremony, have heard about the service of wedding planners in India but ignored thinking it to be unaffordable! But, gone are the days when wedding planning services were considered to be affordable only by affluent personalities and families. In the current market, the number of professional marriage planners in the Indian wedding market is remarkably ballooning.
However, there are only a few exclusive wedding planners who have made exceptional and matchless positions, globally, in this vast and booming industry. Tamarind Global is one of them. Tamarind Global is one of India’s leading and premium wedding and travel management companies whose primary aim is to make couples experience an unparalleled, memorable, and dazzling weddings.
1. Creative & Competence Solutions Set Tamarind Apart From Rivals
Weddings are a joyful and once-in-a-lifetime affair, thus a couple planning to tie a nuptial knot always want to make this event memorable. And this is exactly what Tamarind Global’s creative team offers. Tamarind Global ensures their clients a complete and all-inclusive service in the dreamiest locations to confer a beautiful experience to be treasured.
2. Global Networking Makes Tamarind Global More Resourceful
Tamarind Global has been operational as a full-time event planner in India, its global connections include vendors, logistic firms, and suppliers who help the business to stand ahead of the trends. From decoration, execution, and management to entertainment, logistic arrangement, transportation, and accommodation, Tamarind Global ensure its clients an all-inclusive solution.
3. Perfect Management of Budget Is Tamarind Global’s Speciality
With the customised wedding planning solutions and packages, Tamarind Global tries to serve their clients with the most value-added services. Keeping expenses under control and sticking to the wedding-related budget while giving your dreams the wings of reality is the trickiest part of a successful wedding planning. Managing the monetary planning of a wedding is the specialisation of  Tamarind Global’s financial team.
From delivering packages for traditional big fat Indian wedding to personalising packages for grand and lavishing destination weddings, Tamarind Global excels in providing a broad range of wedding planning services in both India and aboard.