Thursday, 27 April 2017

A Glance at Tamarind Global & Its Specialisations in Corporate Event Management

With the immense popularity of corporate events these days, it has become highly crucial that you choose the best corporate event management company for meeting your commercial requirements. Starting from corporate event planning like the arrangement of meeting and conference, planning for educational road shows and official picnics to the management of accommodation, food, and entertainment, each and every single part of corporate events management carries high significance for the right promotion of business, brand, and products. Thus, hiring a professional corporate event planning company like Tamarind Global can benefit you to an extent.

Who is Tamarind Global?

1. Tamarind Global is a 360-degree event service provider, which offers an entire spectrum of event management services to address both corporate and personal requirements.

2. With excellence and prowess, Tamarind Global is working industriously with one single goal in mind - to enable clients’ vision to outshine.

3. With diligent efforts, proactive strategies, and passionate enthusiasm for the team, Tamarind Global always strives to correctly understand the exact requirements of the clients and carry out every bit to fulfill those needs.

4. Tamarind Global has a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals overflowing with zeal and passion for making any corporate event - whether it is an official meeting or creative off-site or an educational road show, - an extravagant affair to remember for a long period of time
5. The motto of Tamarind Global is simply - to enhance and turn the vision of the client into reality with a wide range of bespoke services related to corporate event management.

6. Tamarind Global is globally recognized for its uncanny ability to convert dreamy ideas to reality, which is the real backbone of the success of a corporation!

7. The team at the Tamarind Global is capable of serving to all types of commercial requirements, no matter how trivial or hectic it is. Tamarind Global believes that every bit of the event should be carefully considered so that, the entire event ends up with great success.

8. Passion, enthusiasm, and dedication are what make Tamarind Global unique from others in the market.

Though the company is efficient in delivering matchless solutions for corporate events, it can also be trusted for personal and social event managements like grand birthday bash, annual function, product launch party, and much more.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

5 Reasons Why You Need a Travel Management Company for Business Travel?

When you are traveling for business purposes or if you are the owner of a company with business travel needs, there are several things you need to worry about. From time, travel expenses, travel management, and hotel stays, there are enough of things that can make your travel chaotic and tiresome.

You can avoid all the chaos and enjoy stress-free travel. You can opt for corporate travel management services to make that business travel of yours more stress free. Here are the top 5 reasons as to why you need a travel management company when traveling for your business.

It Will Save Your Time

When you are busy at planning business trips, looking for the hotels and restaurants, finding the right means of transportation in several places, you get to spend less time with your prospective clients, and ultimately fail at getting your job done or selling your business. However, when you hire a travel management company, you save a lot of time on all such things.

Save Money

Travel agencies have access to better deals and have experience of years; they are also aware of the best offers and know how to get the best in the budget. Some of the best luxury travel companies can help save your company money on flights, hotels and yet give you a luxurious travel experience.

Travel Stress-Free

Business travel calls for uncalled stress and tension, and there are fair chances for you to land into a chaotic travel experience if you don’t hire corporate travel management service. So, the best and safer option would be hiring a travel management company like Tamarind Global that excels in catering all business travel needs.


Tamarind Global excels in catering to and handling individual or group corporate travel and can also help you manage on travel expenses making everything hassle free and helping you manage your company’s travel spend effectively.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Get Real-Time and Memorable Corporate Event Experience with Tamarind Global

The range of corporate events has not been restricted to only formal meetings and seminars. With the changes in time and professionals' choices, the definition and service range of corporate event have come a long way. Though, in the last couple of years, a number of corporate event management companies have started their branches and services in the global market, but with high experience, veteran hand, creative mind, extensive network, and connection with industry-leading venues, hotels, and airlines, Tamarind Global has always been the number one Corporate Event Planning Company.

Whether it is arranging a formal meeting with highly relevant business delegates, booking exotic destinations for picnics, artistic offsite, personalised itineraries, need-based incentives, ROI-centralised award programs, exhibitions, conferences, educational road shows, promotional events, training programs, product launches, or Ancillary Services, Tamarind Global offers a bouquet of services that goes well with most of the businesses need.

Why hire Tamarind Global rather than going for a local company? If this is the question that is overwhelming your mind at this moment, here are some reasons why Tamarind Global will be the best corporate event planning company for your high-profile corporate event:

Experience of Best Service:

The first benefit of hiring Tamarind Global for your corporate event is the experience that the company serves out on your table. The team of Tamarind Global is very detail-oriented, and because of this, they always assure that nothing is left out in the event.

Expenses That Suit Your Budget:

The highly experienced staffs at Tamarind Global know how to symmetrise the expenditure of the event and the budget of the client. They know how to spend wisely and where they will return values. With the long-term market knowledge, Tamarind Global can help you minimizing the extra expenses and enjoy a personalized corporate event, with all types of services that you require.

Broad Industry Network:

The time comes with experience and experience comes with networking and connections. As the best-in-market event planner, Tamarind Global has networking in a wide range of industries, starting from hotels to airlines to transportation and venues, which eventually helps a client to enjoy a more flexible and top-tier service range, negotiated bookings, and much more.

Well, these points, stating the specialization of Tamarind Global are just to name a few. In detail, there are much more factors like skilled negotiation, fantastic corporate theme, flexibility, time and budget-saving, and so on which can be uttered while considering the benefits of hiring Tamarind Global for corporate event management.